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Take the fear and stress out of South Florida real estate.

The wrong real estate partner will cost you
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Together we will build you a better future with South Florida real estate.


Make The Most Of Your Property.

We help our clients find and keep great tenants, sell their home for what it’s worth and make sure their renovations improve their family’s quality of life.

Find the home of your dreams, at a price you can afford.

We know the South Florida market inside and out, and make it our aim to be your biggest ally when it comes to finding and getting financed for a home that fits your family well.


Invest in Your Future, and Your Legacy.

You’ve worked hard to keep your properties well maintained and renovated. We make sure your hard work leads to a financial win so you can fund your retirement and leave a legacy.

How It Works.

 We’ll make the process as simple and painless as possible.

Tell Us Your Goals

Tell Us Your Goals

We can help you buy, sell, renovate,
manage and invest.

Move Forward With A Plan

Move Forward With A Plan

You’ll feel confident with an industry expert
guiding you through the process.
Achieve Your Goal Update

Achieve Your Goal

You’ll love seeing results you get when
you do things right.

Thinking of a real estate project? Would one
of these free books help?

For Buyers

101 Tips For Buying a Home in the New Economy.

By Katie Severance

For Homeowners

How to Design Your Home to Stimulate Ideas & Spark Innovation

By Donald M. Rattner

For Landlords

The Book on Managing Rental Properties

By Heather & Brandon Turner

For Sellers

The Essential Guide to Getting Higher Offers Faster

By Karen Prince

For Investors

The Book on Rental Property Investing

By Brandon Turner

We Know How Important
It Is To Get Real Estate Right.

You need a trusted guide to lead you along the path to success.

Whether it is buying, selling, managing or renovating, the Revest team gives you the opportunity to make the most of your property.

Our team of experts covers every kind of real estate service you’ll need. You’ll get the personal touch and wisdom you need to make the best possible decision.

Real Estate Done Right.

Together we will build you a better future in South Florida real estate.



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in Real Estate



Million Properties
Bought & Sold



Owned & Managed



Million in
Completed Renovations


What Are People Saying.

- Donna Hawley
- Donna Hawley
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To call Shelley a realtor is like calling the Grand Canyon one of the colorful natural wonders of the world.

She dealt with those by finding a buyer who didn't mind them. We talked strategy almost every phone call and I trusted her advice entirely. She is a force of nature when it comes to real estate and anyone who hires her will be lucky to have her on their team. I know I was.

- Rockfsh Real Estate LPt <span>Delray Beach, FL, October, 2020</span>
- Rockfsh Real Estate LPt Delray Beach, FL, October, 2020
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Over the past several years, Shelley purchased more than 100 homes for our Fund.

We love working with her, because she understands the market and has the experience to know exactly how much we need to pay in order to get the homes we want Shelly is always pleasant to work with, but she is also relentless in her efforts to make sure we get the homes we want at a price we can afford. Thanks Shelley!

- Chris Porosky, <span>May 2019, Fort Lauderdale</span>
- Chris Porosky, May 2019, Fort Lauderdale
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We contracted with Revest to add windows and build out our sunroom.

The design process went smoothly and easily. After meeting with us, Stuart provided us with multiple options in order to meet our budget requirements. During construction, all the work was supervised and communication was always clear so that we knew where we stood on a daily basis. All of the workers and sub-contractors were courteous and professional. We would absolutely hire Revest again.

- Tony Pebrotta, <span>Nov 2020, Delray Beach</span>
- Tony Pebrotta, Nov 2020, Delray Beach
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Working with Revest was a wonderful experience.

We have never undertaken a remodel of this scale, so we were initially nervous. Stuart and his team supported us throughout the whole process. They listened carefully, explained all the options thoroughly and were supportive of all of our design changes. I enjoyed the process of working with Stuart, he was professional, courteous and always very understanding.

- Beth Lebovitz, <span>June 2016, Boca Raton</span>
- Beth Lebovitz, June 2016, Boca Raton
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Everything was done as planned.

We are impressed with the hard work the Revest crew put into our condominium renovation. Not only were they able to manage every sub-contractor that we brought in separately but Stuart and his team also worked tirelessly from design to finishing so that we met our timeline.

- Tangerine Partners LP, <span>Palm Beach County, December; 2020</span>
- Tangerine Partners LP, Palm Beach County, December; 2020
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Revest has managed our rental properties for more than five years, and during that time they have done an excellent job.

From finding and screening tenants to collecting rent to carrying out maintenance and repairs, we have always been able to count on Revest to get the job done. Greg and Stuart and their team always give us good service, and we have really come to trust their judgment when it comes to making decisions about our portfolio. Minimum vacancy and maximum rent!


Helpful Tips & Advice.

Stay informed with the latest South Florida Real Estate Trends.

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