Everything You Need to Know About Elite Property Management

Are you a real estate investor in the South Florida area? Are you on the lookout for a great property management company that can help make your investment successful?

The below article will help inform you about Elite Property Management. You will soon see why this is the property management company you have been waiting for all along!

Elite Property Management: Overview

Elite Property Management is a real estate company that specializes in managing condominium and HOA (homeowner associations) properties. It achieves this by delivering prompt, proactive, and professional services that help investors and developers make the most of their property while at the same time fostering a sense of community and mutual engagement in the local area.

Where Is Elite Property Management Based?

Originally founded and located in Clearwater, Florida, Elite Property Management has recently expanded its catchment area to include South Florida.

Through this new venture, Elite Property Management continues to provide professional condominium and HOA management services to Clearwater and its expanded customer base.

Currently, Elite Property Management manages properties in Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco Counties.

What Is Elite Property Managements Mission?

Elite Property Management is on a mission to provide its customer base with exceptional property management services. To achieve this, it relies on its expert, skilled staff, a commitment to continuous training and learning, and the most advanced technology solutions.

The company has all licensed Florida Community Association Managers, and many of them have achieved an AMS or CMCA designation. Thanks to this, Elite Property Management can ensure that its staff is well trained and fully committed to continuous learning in community management.

Throughout the years, the firm has been collecting success after success. It has always managed to exceed expectations with the delivery of hyper-customized, community-focused services and bespoke attention.

Elite Property Management knows that a home is a valuable asset. For this reason, it works tirelessly to ensure that both investors and tenants can enjoy a safe, comfortable home.

What Services Does Elite Property Management Offer?

Elite Property Management boasts a service offering that is unlike any other in the local area. Its services include, for example, accounting and finance, project management, repair and maintenance planning, community lifestyle management, association business planning and implementation, and board meetings.

Let’s take a closer look at all these different service areas.

Administrative Services

Elite Property Management is committed to always following the proper administrative practices. This helps both homeowners and residents to take the guesswork out of often complicated processes, as the firm handles them on their behalf.

Some of the specific administrative services that Elite Property Management offers include:

  • The organization and attendance of meetings of the Association
  • The maintenance of the current owner’s rosters
  • The provision of information and certificates of approval for sales and leases
  • The maintenance, and storage of all customer and property records
  • The preparation of specific documents, such as violation letters and all Association correspondence

Property Maintenance Services

Another aspect that Elite Property Management handles is, of course, the actual management of investment properties.

The firm manages all care and upkeep of physical properties, including common areas and maintenance works. By applying its local know-how and expertise to this area, the company continually delivers the best value to investors and tenants.

Elite Property Management offers property maintenance services that include:

  • The initial inspection of a property, both the property interior as well as the exterior-common areas, alongside the evaluation of maintenance systems and equipment
  • The review of current vendor contracts to ensure top quality and cost-efficiency
  • The review of a job description and on-site staff, whenever needed
  • The analysis of routine maintenance projects to ensure they are as cost-effective as possible
  • The analysis of capital projects

Such an extensive, thorough offering of property management services means that Elite Property Management can always identify and fix any issues that may arise most quickly and efficiently.

Another strong point that makes Elite Property Management stand out from its competitors is that all of its property management services are, fully tailored to the specific needs of investors and communities. The company doesn’t use a “one-size-fits-all” approach but strives to deliver services that are as bespoke as possible.

Accounting and Financial Services

Another area in which Elite Property Management can help is with accounting and financials. Working in partnership with David Ormiston, CPA, Elite Property Management offers financial management services to all its clients.

Here is a list of some of the firm’s accounting and financial services:

  • Balance sheet services
  • Delinquency reports
  • Income and expense statements
  • Lock Box collection of dues
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Pre-paid reports
  • Reserve analysis
  • Tax return services, including tax return preparation

Elite Property Management also provides its clients with database and accounting systems. The staff uses Full Focus Software to manage its Company Database of Associations and Quick Books for accounting purposes.

How Does Elite Property Management Support Its Customers?

Ensuring stellar customer services and flawless customer satisfaction is paramount for Elite Property Management.

The company achieves this through a combination of skilled, committed professionals and sophisticated, future-ready technology that is also easy to use and access.

To demonstrate its commitment to customer service, the firm has recently upgraded its phone service systems to Ring Central. This enables the staff to expand its call center support to a much larger pool of residents. This is particularly crucial now that the company is serving South Florida, too.

The company stands by its commitment to answer calls as soon as they are received during business hours, provided that a staff member is available. If a staff member is not available, the call gets rerouted to e-mail, so that the query can be handled as soon as possible.

As a rule of thumb, Elite Property Management commits to returning all calls within 24 hours, regardless of the availability of specific team members. The staff replies to emails within 48 hours and will respond earlier if possible.

Elite Property Management also strives to ensure that residents can control specific requests, such as maintenance. For example, when a tenant reports a maintenance issue, Elite Property Management will log it into its database and ask the tenant to raise a ticket through the website.

Then, the staff will send the request to the relevant vendor and file a pending request until the problem is resolved. Thanks to its commitment to the most advanced technology solutions, Elite Property Management enables residents and investors to view all pending requests, by accessing its software systems.

Ready to Start Your Investment Journey with Elite Property Management?

With its dedication to excellent customer service, unmatched understanding of the local area, and wide range of professional services, Elite Property Management, is the most trusted property management firm in Florida.

Get in touch with them today to find out how they can help you manage your investment property.

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