How to manage Commercial properties in South Florida

Having good commercial property management is one of the best methods to boost the value of a property. While buying and owning the property is part of the process, what you choose to do with it afterward is even more critical. Below are some methods you can use to make your commercial property management run smoothly and make you the most money.

Who is a Commercial Property Manager?

A commercial property manager oversees the management of properties, whether leased or owned. It also includes building equipment, land, rental spaces, and other buildings. Like managing rental properties, commercial property management also handles the tasks and responsibilities of operating a property with an income-producing ability.

The commercial property manager is also responsible for meeting with the tenants and clients. They also hire contractors to repair the property, collect rent from the tenants that already occupy spaces, and build meaningful partnerships through association.

What is Commercial Property Management?

Commercial Property Management includes the ability to focus on and execute different tasks. Marketing, advertising, and going through the leasing process are all duties of a commercial property manager.
Lease negotiation and property marketing are generally longer than other types of property paperwork.

However, once they lease the space, a commercial property manager has less work to do. Industrial spaces, offices, and retail spaces often take care of their maintenance; therefore, the property manager doesn’t have to do that.

A commercial property manager is an asset to property owners who don’t have the experience to manage their property. They also generate reports for property owners to show how their investment is going.

Steps for an Excellent Commercial Property Management Florida

Keeping the Tenants Happy

Finding new tenants for a commercial property is hard work, unlike finding a tenant for residential properties. The timeframe spans anywhere from 2 to 9 months. It is important to note that the commission for a lease isn’t payable until the lease is signed because, in most cases, you will invest money in the new property to make it rentable.

So, the best way to keep your income flowing is to keep your existing tenants happy. The best way to do this is for you to maintain a positive relationship with them. This relationship involves communicating with them regularly, anticipating what they need, and taking steps in carrying out their wishes.

Keeping up the Property

Tenants often pay more money for a space that is well-maintained. Therefore, keeping up the property will help your business be successful because the presentation of the building matters to customers.

When it comes to commercial real estate, business properties are classified three ways, Class A, B, and C, with properties in class A being the highest ranked. Therefore, tenants pay more on rent, and their turnovers are lower than the properties in classes B and C.
Even though a tenant might accept the property in class C, they will eventually move up to class A when they start making more money. As with all commercial properties, if you leave repair until a later date, you may end up incurring more costs.

It’s best to keep an ongoing list of all repairs that need to be taken care of, so you can stay on top of them. However, if you don’t have any experience managing a commercial property in Florida, consider hiring an experienced property manager to do the required inspections.

Expanding the Property

Making trending improvements to your commercial property is one of the best ways to increase its value. Even though the cost of a commercial property depends solely on the income that it acquires. It’s easy to calculate the value of expansion based on the rent after an increase.
One example is it costs you $25,000 to do an upgrade in landscaping around your property but, doing so will allow you to increase the rent by $850 per month. You will make back that money within two years while increasing the property value by approximately $150,000.

Being Well-Informed About Your Product

It takes specific knowledge and experience to own and manage a commercial property. Like offices, retail, and other industrial properties, each real estate property requires a distinct set of skills. Understanding your customer’s needs and being an expert in maintenance is also essential.

Knowing what amenities to install on your property and what services to provide your tenants are crucial aspects of best understanding your commercial space. It is also essential to know that each product comprises different equipment and has alternative preventative requirements. Therefore, you must have a manager that has experience in property investments.

Knowing Your Lease Inside Out

A lease agreement is often hard to read and cumbersome. But one of the best ways to boost your commercial property value in Florida is through analyzing and following through with the provisions listed in the lease.

Some provisions listed in a lease allow owners to make more money or collect back bill expenses. However, leases are not standard. They are created, on a tenant-by-tenant basis. Understanding the lease clearly, and following through with diligence, will allow your property value to go up.

Creating an Assessment Plan

As with any other investment, it’s essential to have a plan. Each property that you own should have its plan. Also, ask yourself these questions to ensure you’re on the right path. Why are you spending money on the property? Is there an upside to buying it? How long are you projecting to keep on to the property? Does the holding period affect your long- or short-term investment?
When you’re evaluating your property, these are some of the questions that you should be asking. After buying the property, go ahead and put your strategy in place.


Owning a piece of commercial real estate can be rewarding if you manage it effectively. However, unlike other investments such as stocks and bonds, you will need to be active in managing and taking part in your property. But if you follow these methods above, you can end up achieving high-level income and sale price when you’re ready to sell.

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